Baby's DOB
Baby's DOB
Please rate the below statements: *
Please rate the below statements:
I am satisfied with my birth experience
My doula supported me with knowledge and options
My doula was kind, compassionate and supportive of my wishes
My doula was respectful of my care providers during the birth
My doula was helpful to my birth partner
I am glad I chose to include a doula
Would you recommend me? *
It is incredibly helpful for partners to hear from other partners how having a doula has helped. (eg. working as a team, helpful suggestions, preparation, tools and techniques ie. massage/acupressure)
Did I say or do something that really stayed with you or helped when the going got tough?
e.g. TENS, a mantra, a change of mental focus
Perhaps there is something that you would have liked to see included in the service?
(e.g. on-call period, antenatal education, phone support, physical & emotional support, professionalism, photography, postpartum support, professional referrals, lending library of books and items)
Please share any details you have and I will definitely pass them on.
Are you happy for the information you have provided to be used as a marketing testimonial? *
Testimonials are a vitally important way for people to decide on whether a particular doula is going to be the right fit for them. It helps them understand the benefits of working with me and enables them to feel more confident.
Are you sharing a photo? *
I would genuinely be thrilled to include a photo of you and/or your baby with the testimonial. If this would be ok, please attach a photo or send it through separately once you have had a chance to take one.