Learn how to understand your baby better, earlier.

Learn how to use touch, massage, voice and movement to help support your baby's development.

This evidence-supported Infant Massage course promotes family relationship health and directly impacts baby’s development through exploring and learning about the ways babies use body language, sounds and other signals to communicate.

Over the 5 weeks you will learn 8 massage routines to massage every part of your babies body, including a routine for helping with colic and unsettled babies.

I hold qualifications from Relationships Australia and the Australian Institute of Social Relations to deliver cue-based infant massage and parent-infant relationship education to families.

An opportunity for parents to bond with their new baby and foster strong attachments.

Wondering if this is for you?

The program is open to anyone who is pregnant or parenting a baby. Babies with all temperaments are welcome including babies who are crying, sleeping or active during the class. You learn the skills in class and can practice them at home when baby is ready.  

SHORT COURSE - 5x 1.5hr sessions

SOCIAL - learn with other mums & dads and build your village

CONVENIENT - we can find a day/weekend/evening that works for your group

SMALL PRIVATE GROUPS - you gather the group together (maximum 10 families).

AFFORDABLE - total course fee only $250 per family to learn massage and parenting skills  to support your family for life. 

This course will cost you less than other baby activities such as Gymbaroo/Baby Sensory (typically $20 for 30 mins) and will teach you skills to continue using long after the session is finished.


5 week course
$250 per family

Private makeup session
$100 for 60 mins

Mothers Group Deal
2 for 1 offer for groups of 10 babies


I’ve felt so much more capable of understanding and communicating with my daughter since doing this course!
— Matt C.