Iron, protein, hormone replenishment; sound good?

Placenta consumption may assist with:

  • hormone rebalancing

  • replenishing depleted iron levels

  • assistance returning your body to pre-pregnancy state

  • reducing bleeding

  • helping your milk production to commence quicker and in increased supply

There are many ways to utilise the placenta, all beneficial to the new mother and her family in different and complementary ways. You can have all of the below remedies with your one placenta. Remedies such as the tincture, balms and creams are made using only a small piece of placenta and each placenta remedy has it’s own benefit for you and your baby so its a good idea to read through all the options to ensure you make the most out of your placenta.

The most modern Western way to consume the placenta is by capsule, known as placenta encapsulation. Preparing your placenta into easy-to-take placenta pills is a simple way to support postnatal health and vitality after you have your baby. Your placenta contains one of the highest concentrations of essential hormones, iron, B vitamins and micro-nutrients found in any plant or animal species.

Your placenta is unique to you and it is possible that the stem cells and growth factor are the perfect tailor-made nourishment for your healing and rejuvenation. These are accessed through the smoothie (the heating of the encapsulation process destroys stem cells & growth factor).

Placenta is even said to be great support during PMS and menopause; if that is interesting to you ensure you order the tincture.

IPEN have an excellent comprehensive FAQ here.


Placenta Remedies Summary

Placenta Encapsulation (Raw Method) – $240
Raw placenta dehydrated and prepared into vegan capsules.
Cord keepsake included.

Placenta Encapsulation (TCM Method) – $270
Placenta prepared according to the Traditional Chinese Medicine method, dehydrated and prepared into vegan capsules.
Cord keepsake included.

Raw Placenta Encapsulation (literally raw) – $350
Raw placenta prepared into small swallowable pieces.
No heat treatment.
Must keep frozen and use within 3 months

Raw Placenta Smoothie – $70
Raw placenta preparation into smoothie. Your selection of ingredients.

DIY Smoothie Specialist Training – $40
Guidance, instructions and a recipe to prepare your own placenta smoothie; includes phone support

Tincture – $50 w/ encapsulation, $100 w/out encapsulation
Raw placenta steeped in alcohol, agitated daily for 6 weeks.

Natural Skin Care – $85
120ml Lotion or Soothing Balm
Placenta tincture infused with natural, moisturising products safe, soothing and nourishing for both mum and bub. Fully customisable.


"Don't base your decisions on the advice of those who don't have to deal with the results." - unknown


Happy days!

“Hi Nancy, thank you so much for my pills! I took 3 yesterday and was feeling good. I even had my milk come through last night, happy days! Haven't had any 3 day blues thus far so 'fingers crossed'.”

— Lucine S.


I would absolutely recommend placenta encapsulation and the yummy smoothie!!

“We invested in Nancy's placenta encapsulation service and the placenta smoothie. Nancy came to the hospital to collect the placenta and returned the next day with a very tasty smoothie and 150 capsules. I would absolutely recommend placenta encapsulation and the yummy smoothie!!”

— Alexa V.

Fancy a smoothie? Some custom made balm? Or just plain old fashioned capsules?